Friday, September 12, 2014

Stepparenting Help in Houston: The 5 Words Every Child Needs to Hear

Much more than the gift of happiness, caring adults owe each new generation some perspective. I believe we must be willing to sacrifice their temporary happiness for long-term happiness — including preparing them to be disciplined adults themselves. Instead of pleasure, let’s prepare them for fulfillment. That is what I stress whenever I offer stepparenting help for Houston parents. What if we borrowed a page from the playbook of the past? A few years ago, Izquierdo and Ochs wrote an article for Ethos, the journal of the Society of Psychological Anthropology. They posed cultural questions like: Why do Matsigenka children “help their families at home more than L.A. children?” and “Why do L.A. adult family members help their children at home more than do Matsigenka?”

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